Need Some Collegiate Soul in Our Lives

I know, it’s the end of the semester and we’re on the run for summer. A season where we can wind down and relax, three months of no school and a break from the insane weather we’ve been having. While we will be on our way back to our hometowns, we will plan what to do for the summer, but the main thing we want to plan is our wardrobe when we come back to Cuse. While we will miss tailgating, we need to add some orange and blue flavor, so why not add Collegiate Soul in our lives?

If you do not know what this jewelry line is, then you’re missing out on everything.

Collegiate Soul is a American jewelry line that values school spirit, with Syracuse being the top party school, to our advantage, this line embraces Orange Nation. Who doesn’t love to look fierce, sexy and fun tailgating - you of course! When you come back to Cuse in the fall, adding some accessories to your Syracuse look can make you stand out than other girls who wears the same thing.

Here are some pieces that you HAVE to add to your style:

1. Pride Choker $35

Who doesn’t love chokers? Adding this can make you turn into a true badass!

2. Pride SU Necklace $44

Want a simple necklace, then this SU necklace is yours to keep.

3. Pride Lariat Necklace - Syracuse/Go Orange! $80

You want something different in your style, try this Lariat necklace! This can make a switch in your wardrobe.

I had the chance to speak with Brand Ambassador Annie Zeina about this jewelry line.

“I think it’s amazing for a line to aim toward the collegiate girl. It is unique that one line can have everything for a college girl’s experience from tailgate accessories to something formal enough to wear on graduation day.”

Go out and buy these accessories to empower your look. Make sure to follow Collegiate Soul and Annie Zeina on social media!

Collegiate Soul

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Annie Zeina

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