It's Time to Jump on the Hamilton Bandwagon

If you were watching the Grammys, you probably noticed that the flashy performances of your favorite pop-artists were temporarily interrupted by a satellite performance of a bunch of Broadway stars rapping and wearing colonial garb.

You either watched the Grammys specifically to see this performance or you were very confused when George Washington started spitting fire on your screen. The hit Broadway musical Hamilton has taken the country by storm, and it’s time to join the fan club. Hamilton is a prominent example of the storytelling magic that occurs when a musical comes to life on stage.

Lin Manuel Miranda, known for In the Heights, proves that he is non-stop when it comes to writing and starring in hit musicals. In addition to writing the show, Miranda gives a revolutionary performance (no pun intended) as Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The show starts when Aaron Burr (Leslie Odom Jr.) first meets Hamilton and follows their story up until their infamous duel.

The soundtrack, which recently won a Grammy, practically tells the entire story, featuring a unique twist on operettas using rap. By listening to this fantastic album all the way through, listeners get a thorough sense of the live show, which is great seeing as how the musical is sold out until 2017. Good luck getting tickets.

Album highlights include the hits “My Shot,” “Satisfied,” “The Room Where it Happens” and “Burn.” Although most of the soundtrack contains hip hop and rap, there are a few musical-theatre style songs for those of us who are hardcore Broadway nerds. Miranda put an incomprehensible amount of effort into the lyrics. Many one-liners and the message of entire songs ring true even to this day. Expect laughter and tears as Miranda walks you through Hamilton’s unique story.

One of the most refreshing aspects of the show is the way it represents historical figures via a new perspective. The show tells us stories that the history books left out. A lot more happened in the 18th century besides the Declaration of Independence, and even though we never learned this stuff in high school, it’s still important to know. What better way to learn than through the magic of song and dance? Featured are the women of this time, including Elizabeth Schuyler-Hamilton, Alexander’s wife. American history often centers on old white dudes that started the government, but Miranda informs audiences just how badass some of the colonial ladies were.

The mixed race, mixed gender cast showcases people of color playing white historical figures and women playing soldiers.

"This is a story of America then, played by America now,” Miranda said.

Whether you love rap, musical theatre, American history, Daveed Diggs or heartfelt stories, Hamilton is sure to get you onboard the bandwagon. It’s time for you to head straight to Spotify and give America’s new favorite musical a listen.