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“Insta Walls” Are Now a Thing, And It’s Here to Up Your #GramGame

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

Everyone needs one… that perfect backdrop for all your photo ops. Here are some of the coolest walls we’ve come across this back-to-school season for a little inspiration:

1. The Giant Confetti Wall: 

  This Giant Confetti Wall would be the perfect backdrop for a birthday selfie or a girls night out. Check out this step-by-step DIY here.

2. The Paint Sample Thief: 

Balling on a budget? No problem- paint samples are free! All you need for this artsy wall is some tape… and maybe some friends to help you carry this many samples out of the store. 

3. The Classic Dorm Tapestry: 

It might seem basic but a cute tapestry really does make a great backdrop for photo shoots and is a nice solution to the “no paint” rule in rented apartments or dorm rooms. For a little more sparkle, add some twinkly lights!  

4. The Beer Lover’s Dream: 

This is the perfect DIY wall décor for our beer lovers out there. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN: you get to show off your patriotism and love of beer, while recycling all at the same time. Not to mention, it will make a kick-ass backdrop for your Instas that all the boys will love.  

5. Your High School Bedroom: 

Remember when the coolest thing in the world was having beads hang in your doorway? Well, the beads are back baby! If you hang these old doorway beads side by side, you can create really cute and unique wall décor. 

6. The Easy AF Peel N Stick:

Outsmart your landlord–Another way to get around the “no paint rule” is to use removable wall art. These come in all shapes and designs and are easily removable, which means no fee for paint damage and you can change them as frequently as your mood/ style changes. 

7. The College Shrine: 

Let’s face it, we LOVE our school. Why not remind all of our Insta followers back home that we go to best school on the planet with a wall dedicated to our home away from home. 

Here are a few other ideas not mentioned above:

  • Try using your favorite wrapping paper as wallpaper (make sure you use damage-free tape)
  • Hang T-lights from the ceiling to floor to spice up a bland wall
  • Hang a cute rug or blanket if you don’t have a tapestry
  • You can cover a wall with different colors of construction paper or sticky notes side by side to create a cool pattern

Happy decorating!

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