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Happy 144th Birthday SU!!!

Syracuse is blowing out 144 candles today!

We all know there are some bithdays that are a little more significant than others.  There was 10 (yay I’m double digits!),  thirTEEN, Sweet Sixteen, the INFAMOUS 21, the dreaded 30, etc…

But for Syracuse University, the significant birthdays include the ever-so-important # 44. 

The University has sponsored a “Celebrate SU” campaign all day today, complete with a giant birthday card that you can sign on the quad!  Alumni, students, faculty, and fans can participate on social media using the hashtag #CelebrateSU.

Take today to reconnect with everything you love about Syracuse.  Maybe treat yourself to a nice orange beverage.  And no bad-mouthing the miserable weather or continuously mourning this weekend’s NCAA tournament loss….You wouldn’t want any bad attitudes on YOUR birthday, right?

Stay connected & Stay ORANGE!

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