Gold Makeup You'll LOVE to Rock

Since it’s almost the end of March, you are embarking the year being a woman. You are trying new products that makes your skin fresh, bringing your confidence to a new level. Don’t forget makeup as well to make your features stand out.

The question here is- have you tried using real gold for your face? You may think I’m crazy for saying this, but using our favorite jewlery product can actually transform your skin to a new level. It doesn’t only have Here are some products that you can buy (for a reasonable price)!

Macy's Lid Lingerie Eye Tint, $7

This product can truly enhance your eye look. Want your eyes to look fierce and to make you different from others? Try this out!

Target’s Miss Spa Restore and Brighten 24K Gold Radiance Mask 0.88 oz , $4

Imagine: it’s a Friday and you want to kickback, watch Netflix, and pamper yourself the long day you had. Enjoy a simple facial, but use this product for some rejuvenating results. 

Forever 21’s Balmi Roseberry Lip Balm, $6

Want to have lips that feel like gold? Smooth and moisturized? Well, who doesn’t love Forever 21? This product is antioxidant, rich in Vitamin E and jojoba oil to leave your lips feel soft.

Sally Hansen's 18K Gold Nail Hardener, $8

This nail treatment uses the 18k gold, amino acids, and peptides so you can have killer nails with shatter-proof protection, with a hint of sparkle, of course.