Five Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now

As much as I love female empowerment, there are songs that keep me motivated and help me strive to provide more feminist content. When I'm feeling down from a long day’s of work, I have a playlist to keep me motivated for what I want to do in my professional life. It may seem weird as you read this, but who doesn’t love girl power?

Here are some suggestions:

Sophie BeemGirls Will Be Girls,

This anthem is SO empowering and the ultimate amping-up-your-mood song. Girls, as Sophie sings, you need to be original and be yourself; you are perfect no matter what. The beat to this will maks you dance your heart out, whip your hair back and fourth a la Willow smith, and make you feel as fierce as ever. 

FantasiaNo Time For It,

Who doesn’t love Fantasia? Her music, voice and rhythm are all phenomenal. Although she took a hiatus, she's now is back and better than ever. This song is all about  having no time for anyone’s BS and preaches the importance of blocking the haters and becoming your own BFF.

Empire Cast (feat. Sierra McClain)Black Girl Magic,

If you’re anything like me, you know that Black Girl Magic is amazing and awesome. There’s nothing like having some magic in yourself, and being a black melanin is truly a blessing. Rock your natural hair and big, luscious lips all day, everyday. 

Fifth HarmonyThat’s My Girl,

Now ladies, as Destiny’s Child said, you gotta be strong and independent woman. Now, let me see you put your hands up high if you’re a woman with a badass attitude and an equally-as-fierce body. Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl,” song will make you "woman up!" 

KehlaniToo Much

 Kehlani is a strong, sweet, and powerful diva.  Her music is so real-- so dope and everyone and anyone can relate to her struggles. We can all relate to this song. 

Happy dancing!