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Campus Cutie: Jackie Simpson



    Name: Jacqueline Simpson    Year: Freshman    Major: Psychology    Hometown: Cortlandt Manor, NY    Relationship status: In a relationship



    Activities: Alpha Xi Delta & NSCS… I take my classes very seriously and I love to workout    Favorite part of SU: Hands down the people. The friends I’ve made are truly incredible.    Favorite place on campus: Panasci Lounge in Schine    Best place to study: Most definitely inside a cubical on the third floor of Bird Library    Best class: SOC 101 –- What it taught me about people, I apply to my life every day    Worst class: PHI 107 –- My brain doesn’t work philosophically    Favorite memory made so far: Juice Jam — one of the best days of my life    Most embarrassing moment: Mispronouncing Sigmund Freud in front of my whole psych lecture



    Song of the moment: Bounce It – Juicy J    Food: Peanut Butter    Music: Anything but country!    TV show: Recently I’ve been watching Entourage on HBOGO    Movie: Harry Potter Series    Guilty pleasure: Eating ketchup right off a spoon    Thing you can’t live without: COFFEE 


Who is your campus cutie?

I would have to say my roommate, Madi Carter, she is a cutie in every sense of the word—the girl you can go to for anything and everything and know you will walk away in a better mood than you were before.


What do you find most attractive in a guy? Deal breakers?

Confidence and a sense of humor! A deal breaker is definitely height.. I love my heels and I’m 5’8!


What’s your dream date?

I’m pretty low key, anything is fine as long as the guy pays for the date!


What’s your life motto?

Everything happens for a reason—you don’t always see it right away but some way or another things work out for the better.


What’s one thing not many people know about you?

I have an actual coffee addiction.


What are your plans for this summer?       

I want to spend quality time with my friends and family, get as tan as possible and make a lot of money for my sophomore year at SU!


What is your dream job?

Since I am a psych major and have a fascination for artwork, my dream job would be to have my own private practice and to work specifically with children, incorporating art therapy into my sessions.


What are three things on your bucket list?

          1.  Backpack through Europe          2.  Swim with dolphins          3.  Get a tattoo


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