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Campus Cutie: Angela Carucci

We caught up with Angela at the Warehouse working hard on her latest project. This freshman fashion major let us in on some of her beliefs about life, college, and fashion… all while sporting an enviable ensemble!
Let’s start with the basics, shall we?
After-Cuse Aspirations: To have a penthouse view apartment in NYC
Favorite Song: “The Truth” by Foster the People
Guilty Pleasure: Shoe shopping
Hidden Talent: My ability to remember song lyrics better than anything I’ve learned in class 
Favorite Comfort Food? Mac and cheese!
Famous Future Hubby: Jensen Ackles 
Next she told us some of her tips and tricks on life and school.
5 Inspiring Sentiments:​
    ​If they tell you you’re heels are too high, you don’t need that person in your life
    Never be ashamed of any part of you or your personality    
    ​Don’t be afraid to sing in the shower or anywhere else no matter what your voice sounds like
    Dont delete your ugly selfies they make you feel better about the really good ones
    You’re not high maintenance, you deserve the best all day every day
What has Freshman Year taught you? It’s hard to thread a needle at 4am and you’re half asleep
Quote to Live by: “Not all who wander are lost” J. R. R. Tolkien
What are you most looking forward to this semester? That moment when I have all my homework done on time and I can sleep for more than 8 hours that night!
Favorite designer?  Giuseppe Zanotti 
How would you describe your style?  Casual chic
If you could only buy one type of thing for the rest of your life (i.e. Shoes, clothes, jewelry, make up) what would it be? Don’t say such horrifying things! but definitely jewelry
Clearly this Campus Cutie has a good head on her shoulders, but what’s our favorite thing about her, you ask?
Definitely her sense of humor!


I am a Junior studying Fashion Design at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. I was born and raised in California and grew up riding horses. I have an intense passion for Free People clothing and all things cat-related. My goal is to someday work as a fashion magazine editor. I also believe that chocolate is always the answer and T. Swift is queen. WARNING: All articles written by me will contain sarcasm. Thanks for reading!
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