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Campus Cutie: Alivia Abreu

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

Meet Alivia, a cutie with brains and beauty! When she’s not cheering on the sidelines of Syracuse Football and Basketball games, she’s busy hitting the books and working hard to receive a Chemistry degree. You can also find her behind the bar at Harry’s on weekends serving up your favorite drinks. Read on to find out more about Liv!

Name: Alivia Abreu

Year: Sophomore

Major: Chemistry

Relationship Status: Single


            Syracuse cheerleader

            Bartender at one of the top campus bars

Most memorable moment at SU so far:

            Traveling with SU Men’s Basketball to cheer at the Elite Eight this past spring.

Most attractive qualities in a man:

            A nice smile, intellect, ambition. Doesn’t hurt if he is tall, dark, and handsome!

One thing you want to do before graduating:

            Study in Ecuador during winter break!

Celebrity crush:

            Adriana Lima….She’s my #womancrushwednesday but everyday.


Color: green

Music artist: Beyonce and Krewella

Food: Sushi

Movie: Wedding Crashers

Spot to hangout on campus: Harold’s


SU cheerleader obsessed with coffee, fashion, and fitness!