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          As we come to the conclusion of Black History Month, we look back on the beauty, strength, and power that we’ve celebrated the past 28 days. It’s important to remember and celebrate not only the select individuals who made history, but also black girl magic in general– yep, that’s right. I love black girl magic because it values black girls to be bold, embrace their flawless skin and flex off the haters.

        What’s the magic that you are questioning? It’s the awesomeness of black girls who are unapologetic, sexy and strong. Celebrities like Beyonce, Taraji P. Henson, Serena Williams, Gabrielle Union, and Viola Davis gets in formation, embodying each other with their talents and loving their own magic.

Black girls are flaunting their bodies they were born with, catwalking on campus with their curves, flipping their hair and owning it. They do not allow the dramato  get to them; they are born winners. They flex off the boys that try to play them. Sorry boys, don’t get it twisted, like Rihanna says, ‘you just another boy on the hitlist.’

You work hard to achieve your goals because you are self-determined. You go out of your way to ensure you’re accomplishing what you want in life because you are motivated. You don’t allow negativity in your life because you have no time for it. The haters are flexing on your diamonds, so take a look at yourself in the mirror and applaud yourself. 

Being Black melanin is the way to be while holding all this magic within yourself. If you’re tired of wearing weaves, work your natural hair because you will show everyone you love taking risks. You wear clothes that makes you feel sexy, makeup to have your features stand out and of course, you tell everyone “Black Don’t Crack.”

I tell all my friends black don’t crack because we take good care of ourselves in order to be satisfied in our lives. We stay away from the sun, do our natural daily beauty routines and run the world. So ladies, let’s get into a (magical) formation to couture ourselves, slay as hard we possibly can because we all posses black girl magic. 

Larry is the feature writer at Her Campus covering entertainment, lifestyle, and relationship news. He is a huge fan of Ariana Grande. Also, he is always providing helpful tips on how to be your best self. When he’s not writing at HC, he is either working out at the gym, exploring coffee shops, or touring the city for the best pizza spots. 
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