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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Syracuse chapter.

After four years of wearing sweatpants and baggy sweaters to class, many of us forget that what we wear in college isn’t always acceptable in the real world. While it is perfectly fine to keep those items in your wardrobe, before you graduate, you’ll want to pick up some of the essentials below:


1.Little Black Dress

This item has survived centuries and is still one of the only fashion pieces that can be worn in any occasion. Whether yours is belted, full of fringe, or has a simple A-line, there’s no going wrong with it. So find your favorite, make sure it fits well, and get ready to always look incredibly polished. Thank you, Chanel!


2. Dark Wash Jeans

While you will most likely not be wearing this to work, it is a great piece for any casual occasion. Hit the mall and try on as many pairs as possible until you find the perfect fit! These pants have the power of transforming your shape, making you feel comfortable and confident.


3. Collared Button-Down

Some pieces you can wear multiple times, even decades later, and this is definitely one of them. A classic button down may come in many different styles, but I have never seen a single person who looks bad wearing one. Wear it tucked into a skirt, oversized over leggings or with your favorite office attire.


4. Boots

As much as these should be based entirely on your personal preference, I would advise against those classic Ugg boots. Make sure you find something that makes you look put together, while still comfortable. Chances are you will be wearing these when you face the roughest weather.


5. White and Black Shirts

Almost every outfit includes a variation of these pieces. Whether you’re getting dressed up for a night out, running errands, or going to an interview, it is the perfect example of an essential. It might not be the focus of your outfit or stand out in any way, but it sure to compliment anything that goes with it.


6. Black Heels

Almost every girl owns a pair, even the ones who would rather wear flats. A classic black pump or peep toe will work with jeans, dresses, or skirts, and are sure to dress up any outfit combo. As always, make sure these are comfortable because chances are, they will be your go to pair.


7. Coat

If you live anywhere where the weather falls below 40 degrees, this is a no brainer. You can throw one over your favorite leggings and still look like you just walked off a runway. And while its main purpose is to keep you warm, there’s nothing stopping you from finding the most stylish one out there. Fashion and function, that’s what I consider to be the key to success!


8. Blazer

Many people might argue that blazers are boring; however, every fashion lover knows that these are a great layering piece, and perfect for the days that you want to look more put together. A cropped blazer with a white t-shirt, or an oversized blazer paired with your favorite cocktail dress, you can never go wrong. Just make sure it fits well, and don’t be scared to take it to the tailor if necessary.

I'm Ana Lua. I'm currently a Marketing Management major at Whitman looking into transfering to Acting in VPA. I'm originally from Boston, but I've been moving around the world throughout my entire life to places like Brazil, China and Portugal. I love to travel and all things artsy and cute! I also like to write music and have a youtube beauty channel.
Hi there! My name is Gabrielle, and I'm the Editor/ Campus Correspondent for the Syracuse chapter of Her Campus! I am a sophomore Television, Radio, and Film major in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I like traveling, cinematic classics, show tunes, long walks on the beach, chocolate, chocolate on the beach, and anything pink. Go 'Cuse! HCXO