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6 Life Lessons from the Queen Herself, Samantha Jones

Here are some wise words from the queen of advice:

Sharing Your Opinions

            Sometimes we ask, “When is it the right time to wave around our political preferences?” The answer is never. It’s only going to lead to an annoying debate. Sam knows that time with friends is not time for arguing.



            Samantha knows how to fake it ‘til you make it. She wasn’t always a fabulous New York City socialite, and she’s not always the “hottest” one in the room. But she always acts like it, and she demands the respect and admiration of everyone around her.

Love Yo’self

            In one of her most iconic lines, Samantha reminds us that we should always be looking out for number one. After all, the only person you have to be with forever is yourself, so we might as well take care of her.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

            Getting to know people is mandatory. Liking them is not. But everyone deserves a chance.

Be Open to New Opportunities

            Whether it’s in sex or life in general, keep an open mind.


Some People Suck

            And quite frequently they’re men.

Professional Disney princess, but in my spare time I'm an advertising student at SU. I like brie cheese, elephants, Audrey Hepburn, scrunchies, and broadway musicals. If you need me, I'm probably off somewhere listening to the "Hamilton" soundtrack.
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