5 Ways to Study in Sunshine

It is official! Spring is here! As the weather forecast slowly rises up to above 50ºF  and the gloomy sky turns clear blue, it's hard to stay indoors and focus on schoolwork. Finals week is approaching, but that doesn't mean we can't make the most of the sunshine while studying. Here are 5 tips that will guarantee you a full taste of spring while feeling totally prepared for the rest of the semester. 

1) Set your alarms and exercise early.

Cherish spring mornings; they are rare and wonderful in 'Cuse. Don't be a sloth and hit the snooze button again! Get up and go out for some fresh air. The fresh spring air will help clear your head, soothe your spirit, and give you a nice start to the day. Winter might be a good excuse for not doing your usual morning run or having early breakfast, but now is the time to amp up your usual exercise routine. Believe me, it will help adjust your mood for the rest of the day and focus your mind for later classes.


2) Have a take-out lunch break with your notes.

There's nothing more ideal than a spring picnic on the quad. Ask your groupmates to join you on a lunch break, or have a study session under the trees. Some sunshine and the smell of budding flowers will awaken your vitality. Also, studies show that changing up your study environment will improve effectiveness.


3) Incorporate spring produce in your diet.

Many students have probably fallen into the mode of skipping meals or only eating unhealthy food due to all kinds of stress brought by school work. Spring, however, is a good time to adjust your diet and get healthier. Drink more water, eat plenty of fruits, and juice in your spare time. You'll be amazed by your newfound energy!

4) Make a spring soundtrack.

We can't be in the sun 24/7. For those days when you just want to stay in, create your own spring soundtrack. Doing work while listening to music can be distracting, but when you just want to jam, it is, in fact, very stimulating and can calm your mood. You don't have to download the 2015 Hitlist; try listening to classical symphonies. It will help you relax and possibly inspire a new perspective on life.

5) Organize everything!

Spring means new beginnings. Therefore, it's time to organize your work, your study habits, and your life. Give yourself a clean slate, to begin with. Let the rest of the semester not to be the end of things, but rather the start of your perfect summer. So don't sloth around, take action and get organized!