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The 5 BEST Parts of the Savage X Fenty Halloween Guide

Last week, a “Halloween Guide” was released on the Savage X Fenty website previewing some possible costume suggestions achievable through the purchase of their garments. Honestly, the one downfall of this guide is that it is easy to assume the entire image of the costume is what’s being sold- props, accessories, etc. In reality, it is just the main garments being sold. When it comes down to it, however, the ideas are totally amazing, the lingerie is beautiful, and let’s be real- Rih can do no wrong. Without further ado, here are the five BEST parts of the Savage X Fenty Halloween Guide:


  1. Originality- This guide goes beyond the basic Halloween costumes that tradition has dragged on. From Beauty School Drop Out to Banana Mama- the originality of these costumes is amazing.



2. Magnitude- The extra-ness of some of these costumes is so absurdly wonderful. The artistic makeup and over the top props make these costumes unforgettable.



3. Representation- After the incredible show put on at New York Fashion week by Savage X Fenty, it’s no secret that representation of all body types, races, and facets of women is a major priority to the brand. They did not fall short here with the models either.




4. Price Point- The costumes shown are sold as complete sets for a discounted rate, and an even further reduced price for Xtra Savage members. With combined prices already as low as $44, the savings are pretty great.


5. What IS Sexy-  Costume stores are generally stocked with “sexy nurse,” “sexy maid,” and “sexy bunny” costumes. Now, sexuality has become a major aspect of Halloween. After this Halloween Guide was released, it’s obvious that Fenty believes sexiness is more than just a pushup bra and tiny dress. Sexiness is confidence, individuality, and empowerment. Savage X Fenty redefines sexy.

Overall, the line did a really amazing job with this fun guide. Originality, magnitude, representation, price point, and idea of “sexy” are just the beginning of what make the guide great, and just the beginning of all the things that make this brand phenomenal as a whole. Whether or not the costumes are actually wearable is up to you, but the idea is one to beat.






Bella Villiotte

Syracuse '20

Fashion Design Major at Syracuse University
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