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Your First Week of Classes As Told By Maeve Wiley

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

Easily one of the best shows on Netflix right now is Sex Education. It features the trials and successes of young teenagers in Britain. One of the main characters is Maeve Wiley, a whip-smart, tough, and independent heroine. With her pink hair and daring use of mascara, Maeve is a force to be reckoned with. Despite her inability to control her temper, her dialogue is legendary. She has easily some of the best lines in the show. Featured here are just are a few gems that accurately describe the first week of the winter semester.


“Pessimists outlive optimists.”

Like Maeve, sometimes it’s just best to accept that Monday is here and there’s nothing we can do about it. Sometimes it’s good to be like Maeve and view Monday as a nightmare, because then we’ve said it and the worst is over. There’s plenty of optimistic people out there, but on a college campus, every Monday makes me relate to my fellow pessimists.


“All of our brains are slowly dying. You’re not unique.”

Tuesday isn’t much of an improvement from Monday. We’re all still dead tired and it’s only the second day of classes. Even though this Maeve quote is harsh, it does make a valid point. At least you’re not the only student on campus struggling to get out of bed. Everyone else feels like their brain is dying too.


(Us speaking to our motivation) “Disappear again and I’ll stab you.”

Another violent and less inspirational, but still valid, quote. Sometimes, as students, we have to work hard to motivate ourselves. Halfway through the week, our motivation begins to run dry. It can be difficult to find a reason to continue studying when there are friends to hang out with instead. Sometimes we have to give our motivation a pep talk!


“Reading a book somewhere alone.”

When asked what she likes to do for fun, Maeve employs this amazing quote as a reply. If it comes around to Thursday and you still haven’t started studying yet, it may be a good idea to step away from all the excitement and find a nice quiet place to work. Thursday can be the day you finally get your life together!


“If you like him, do what you want.”

This is one of my favorite Maeve quotes, and a perfect quote for ending the week. Friday is a day to be bold, dramatic, emotional even. You’ve spent the week stressing about classes and assignments, so use this day to get back together with friends and significant others. Maeve is right; it’s good to talk to people you care about to let them know how you feel. Say what you wanna say, because why not?

Season two of Sex Education is now streaming on Netflix.

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