Why Can't Guys & Girls Be Just Friends?

It’s the first day of freshman year and you’re more nervous than ever. You start your first class, dreading that you'll have to interact with new people. You sit in your seat, pull out your notebook, pick up your head to find yourself locking eyes with the boy sitting in front of you. “Cute,” you think to yourself, but you know you’re not currently looking for anything right now.

“What’s your name?” he asks you. You tell him, and the small talk continues in class for weeks until you finally hangout. You both grow closer, in a friendly way. You are able to go to him for any advice, and vice versa. You become best friends and he’s like a brother to you. One of the bros. Then your other friends, that you have made over the course of the semester, ask, “Are you guys dating?” “You guys would be such a cute couple!” “Guys and girls can’t be just friends! You just wait.” You know that they mean well, but it irritates you.

Now, why would your friends say something like this? You know personally that you and ~insert boys name~ are just strictly friends. You both aren’t attracted to each other! Or are you? Many believe humans are born to be attracted to the opposite sex. Whether it is a major attraction or not, some people believe it will always be there. Maybe you both think of each other as a last resort for dating, because they will “always” be there in the long run. You’ve had these great times together, but then if feelings start and attachment sets in, someone could potentially get hurt, and then that best friend that you always thought would be there, turns into someone that you just wave to in passing.

This is just the negative of what could possibly happen. On another note, you both could stay strictly friends forever! You could both go separate ways in your lives, but still always be close. They will be at your wedding, at the birth of your first child, and at your 50th birthday. I hope it works out for you because having someone of the opposite sex to go to for advice is wonderful because you can have a different perspective from someone on the outside looking in. As long as you strictly stay to the no feelings rule, so that no one will get their heartbroken, you’re golden!