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I love music. If it was possible, I would wear my headphones everywhere. I just feel like life is a little bit better with a soundtrack. Music is so expressive; a good song tells a story, a feeling. It’s a universal language, something that everyone can connect to and enjoy.

The other day I was trying to find some music to play in the background while I worked on my assignments. Naturally, it had to be something soft and warm, not too loud or distracting. As I was scrolling, I stumbled upon an artist I hadn’t heard of before.

Hollyn is a 22-year-old singer from Ohio who starred on Season 12 of American Idol. She released her self-titled EP in 2015 and her first album One-Way Conversation in 2017. The song that I found though was from her newest project: bye, sad girl. This project just came out this year and is six songs long, making it the perfect length for listening to while working. I personally love the acoustic version. I am obsessed with this project! On her site, Hollyn describes it as journey, and it really is. Each song tells a part of a larger, and very emotional, story.

My favorite song from bye, sad girl is probably “i wasn’t enough for you”. The song is gorgeous, and it is the first one I listened to. While it is a sad song, the melody floats and oddly enough, the title never appears in the lyrics. Rather than saying that she isn’t enough for someone, she says that she was the best for them. This is the last song on the tracklist, which tells the story of a heartbreak. As the final song, it is the happiest because she has started to move on.

So, next time you need some music to listen to while you do your work, or you just want to try something new, go ahead and checkout Hollyn!

“I should infinitely prefer a book...” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
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