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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

I have a couple of exes and I think it’s fair to say that I’m not their biggest fan. Like most relationships, they all ended with us not talking anymore. But I wouldn’t say that all of the relationships were a total wash. I did get a few things out of one of them, and I’m here to tell you what those things are. 

A Starbucks cup

My ex gave me a bright pink Starbucks cup that I still use every once and a while. There’s nothing wrong with the cup; it still works and it’s really cute. So why not use it?


I know that no matter how many people try to bring me down (including my ex), no one can. Because looking back at it now, his friends treated me nicer than he ever treated me. So, with time I learned that the only opinion that matters is my own.


Once he dumped me, he decided to date one of my close friends. This showed me who my true friends were. I have to thank him for making me realize that she wasn’t a good friend. Because of this, my other friendships grew a thousand times stronger as they helped me through these tough times.


I never thought one of the boy bands that I like listening to would come from my ex, but here I am. Ever hear of Simple Plan? If not I highly suggest looking them up. They’re a boy band that my ex introduced me to. :)

Of course, clothes 

I don’t really feel a need to explain much here. All I’m going to say is that I rock his Puma joggers better than he ever could.

So next time you’re crying in your bed over a boy, try and focus on the positives. I bet you don’t really need him as much as you think you do in the moment. Say strong girls!

I’m Allison, or most commonly known as Ally Doran. I’m from Ct, but I go to school in Pa. A couple quick facts you should know about me are that I have done kyokushin karate for over a decade and that I always put family first!