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Ways to Celebrate Your Friends This Galentine’s Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, don't forget to channel your inner Leslie Knope and celebrate your gal pals! Afterall, "ovaries before brovaries," right? Here are some ideas to get you started!

1. When in doubt, go out (to brunch)

Round up your BFFs and go to your favorite local cafe or diner! To save some money, you could also treat them to some homemade breakfast foods. Just don't go to the dining hall because, well, that's pretty self-explanatory. 

2. Have a movie night

Why head off campus to the movie theater when you can see just how many friends you can fit on one twin XL bed and share a bag of probably burnt popcorn?

3. Have an impromptu photoshoot

Do each other's makeup and go on a scavenger hunt for make-shift props and cute locations to snap a few pictures. What better way to shout your appreciation for your best friend(s) than an instagram post? 

4. Coffee date

Carve out some time in your busy schedules to meet up at Starbucks for half an hour of one-on-one quality time together. Bonus points if you already have your bestie's drink order memorized.

5. Make a card

Handmade gifts are A) free and B) usually considered more heartfelt than any alternative. Even if you aren't the most artistic, it's the thought that counts! Your friends will love a written note to hang on their wall or display on their desk. Add some stickers or glitter if you're feeling fancy!

6. Facetime your long distance friends

We aren't all lucky enough to go to the same college as our BFFs. Let your childhood/high school friends know that you're thinking of them this Galentine's Day with a surprise video chat! 

7. Buy them a Galentine's Gift Bag from HC Susquehanna!

We will be selling kits with face masks, candy, hair products & more February 13th-15th from 11 am - 3 pm in lower Deg. Stop by to grab some goodies for your gal pals! 

Emily is a Junior at Susquehanna University where she has a double major in International Studies and Publishing & Editing. She is from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Spring 2019 is Emily's 5th semester as a member of Susquehanna University's Her Campus chapter. She currently serves as Event Coordinator, having previously held the titles of President and Senior Editor.
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