Top 5 "That 70s Show" Characters

If you are not familiar with “That 70s Show,” then watch it on Netflix immediately. “That 70s Show” is the greatest sitcom to come out of the 90s, and you can fight me on that. It’s funnier, better written, and all-around more enjoyable than every other 90s sitcom. Now that the basic backstory is understood, we can move on to the definitive list of the top five characters in the show. This is just fact and any disagreements you may have are wrong.

5. Fez

Out of all the characters, I’m sure you’re surprised that Fez actually made the top five. I am too. But, when weighing the pros and cons of each character, Fez is one of the least problematic that is still pretty adorkable and funny. The running joke of where he’s from and what his name really is, plus his puppy dog-esque behavior just makes any scene he’s in entertaining.

4. Hyde

Hyde is one of those big, bad, rebellious teddy bears who really just needs stability in his life. It’s hard not to relate to how insecure he is throughout the whole show. Plus, he’s also hilarious and supplies us with some of the best burns of the show. Considering how his storyline starts, his character arc (until season 8, which we will forget exists now) is really inspiring and wholesome.

3. Jackie

I know, shocker. Most people remember Jackie as the self-centered cheerleader, and she is, don’t worry. However, Jackie also grows a lot as a person and character throughout the show. She starts thinking about the future, about how she deserves to love and be loved by someone that won’t break her heart. She’s a strong, independent woman, and she deserves so much love.

2. Kitty

I don’t care who you are, you have to love Kitty. She’s the pie-baking, alcoholic, supermom, and she’s one of the funniest characters in history. There’s something so great about her sassy attitude, and her relationships with the other characters are something to behold. I can only hope to be as iconic as Kitty.

1. Red

Of course, no doubt, the best character. He’s hilarious, snarky, and actually not a terrible father. He pushes Eric (his competent child) to do his best in everything he tries and does his darndest to make sure he doesn’t end up as just a dumbass with wasted potential. Red is the most relatable character, and he’s hands-down the funniest on the show.

Whether or not you agree with my rulings, I highly recommend watching “That 70s Show” again, or for the first time, and making your own ranking of these characters.