They Changed the Signs in the Cafeteria and I'm Shook

Food is one of the most important things in the world. When you live on campus as a college student, you start to appreciate food that isn’t found on campus a lot more than you would’ve thought to before. At Susquehanna, our cafeteria (known around here as The Caf) is set up in a buffet-esque style; we get into line at one or more stations in order to have the food we want served to us by the very nice people who work there.

Two years ago, when I was a freshman, The Caf was set up basically exactly the same as it is now, with one change that took place this past summer: the signs at each station that tell you what kind of food is served there have been changed. Overall, I think this is a good thing, and I’ll explain why, but I’m also a bit confused.

One of the very noticeable changes that my best friend doesn’t like is that they changed the “Home” line to the “Comfort” line. While they were originally advertising that the food there would be kind of like the food you’d get at home, now they aren’t being so coy about the fact that all they serve in that line is comfort food - pasta-heavy dishes, pork and meatloaf, and other similar foods. I don’t exactly see why the name for this section of The Caf had to change, since no one wants to admit that all they eat is comfort food, but I guess since it’s accurate I can understand.

Now, the change that surprised me. Every day I gravitate towards what used to be called the “Mongolian” line. I assume they just meant that they would permanently serve lo mein and rice, but that also the food served there includes recipes from other countries. I always found it amusing, and maybe a bit racist, but now they’ve changed it to the “Round Grill”. Of course, this is completely accurate, everything is literally made on a round grill. However, it sounds super dumb! I completely agree that they had to change it, but I wish they would’ve gotten a better opinion before they just up and changed it to something so dull.

Overall, the name change for the stations is probably a good thing. I really wish they would’ve gotten student input before they made the changes, but it doesn’t really matter. Give it another two years and I’m sure they’ll be in binary code instead.