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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

The process of moving away from home and going to campus is a struggle in itself, but having been in a house with just my immediate family for so long during COVID-19, I feel like I’m still greatly adapting and adjusting to being at my university. After having been a fully remote learner and at home for almost all of 2020 and even half of this year, this semester’s transition to in-person learning has been challenging. As I’m sure many other students can relate, it’s been a stressful, confusing, enlightening, yet interesting time.
The stress comes from adjusting to being on my own for pretty much the very first time. You gain independence while away at college, but there are still so many things you’re unsure of. While you can always FaceTime and message your parents, family, and friends, it just isn’t the same as seeing them face-to-face and actually speaking with them. I also miss the comfort of my pets while I am gone. I spent almost every day with them during the pandemic, but it’s the sacrifice that comes with gaining an education and your independence.
It’s also been stressful and somewhat difficult to be in a formal classroom and around many people again. The last time I was in an actual classroom was in March 2020 during my senior year of high school, so I definitely have felt some anxiety while being around people again. With remote learning, you get used to having class from the comfort of your home with just yourself. However, there is something I discovered about myself during this transitional period.
I am proud of myself for doing something that frightened me and made me nervous. I was really scared of moving into my dorm because of all of the unknowns that came with it. What if I didn’t like it? What if I miss my family too much? What if I can’t make any friends or feel lonely? While I’m still working on some things, it feels good knowing that just being here and working on pursuing my educational goals is an accomplishment in itself. I know I can be independent and do so many things on my own, which is helping me to grow.
Having completed three weeks so far of my sophomore year, I can confidently say to anyone feeling nervous about college life that it gets better. While I’m not one hundred percent sure of what I’m doing, I know it’ll be okay and worthwhile at the end of the day. As my one professor said at the beginning of this semester, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” That is a phrase I have been living by. If you imitate optimism and confidence, you are more likely to actually feel that way. Who knows what the rest of the fall semester has in store? But I know whatever it is, I’ll manage and have some fun along the way.

Gabrielle Chaudry is the president and editor-in-chief at the Her Campus at Susqu chapter. She oversees the editing of articles. Beyond Her Campus, Gabrielle has written for The Quill, Susquehanna University's student newspaper and she has been editor-in-chief of her high school's newspaper. Gabrielle is also a section editor of Susquehanna's yearbook, The Lanthorn. She is currently a senior at Susquehanna University, majoring in journalism with a political science minor and honors minor. In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys writing, reading, and listening to pop music. She's a Hallmark movie lover and finds joy decorating for the holidays and seasons.