Squishmallow Collecting: The Trend of 2021

If you’re engaged with TikTok and scroll through it multiple hours a day then you have probably come across Squish Tok. Squish Tok is the side of TikTok for people of all ages who have fallen into the trap of collecting Squishmallows. I for one have fallen victim, and I am not one bit ashamed of this fact.

Squishmallows have taken the world by storm, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Sizes range from 3.5 inches to the largest of the pack, the 24 inch squish! Each one comes with their own backstory of what they want to do when they grow up or their favorite hobbies! My favorite Squishmallow in my collection so far would have to be Judy the Tangerine who wants to grow up and be a writer!

Though collecting these cute and comforting plushies has become part of my everyday life, I must warn against those of you who seek them out from online sellers. Places like PoshMark, Mercari, DePop, and Facebook Marketplace commonly have people reselling brand new Squishmallows. The problem is that they are marking them up for way more than their shelf price. I have seen the smallest versions going for upwards of $200. This is clearly a scam and you shouldn’t pay that price.

On the flip side of this, I have purchased Squishmallows from these sites to add to my collection, but I always do my fact-checking. By that I mean making sure the seller has good reviews, sells often, has functioning social media and PayPal accounts, things of that nature. Scammers won’t have things like this because they try to stay low key and pull in the people who don’t do their research.

To raise your spirits a bit though, currently Squishmallows have their Valentine’s Day and Easter collections out in stores. They are so cute and so huggable and if you don’t have one already I highly recommend going out and buying your first one. I do warn though, if you don’t have the money to spend on a bunch of them I may hold off because, like me, you may easily fall into the trap of needing a new one every day!