Shows About Conspiracy Theories and Controversies

Nothing feels more like autumn to me than curling up with a mug of hot apple cider on a chilly afternoon and watching something dark and suspenseful. Horror movies and psychological thrillers are great with a friend, but when I’m alone, documentaries about conspiracies and controversies are my guilty pleasure. Real life can be just as creepy, but without the jump scares and special effects that make it hard to sleep at night. 

The thrill of a disturbing story is addictive, and I’m always looking for a new place to get my fix. The following list of shows, documentaries, and YouTube channels covers the most high-profile controversies to conspiracies you may never have heard of.  

Buzzfeed Unsolved (YouTube and Hulu) 

Shane and Ryan have a hilarious dynamic that adds even more entertainment value to their investigations of both supernatural and true crime conspiracies and controversies. Their videos can be found on YouTube, or you can stream their content on Hulu

Conspiracies (Netflix) 

This series is a great starting place for anyone who is new to the realm of conspiracies and controversies. You may think you know all the big ones...but some of these episodes may catch you by surprise! 

Dirty Money (Netflix) 

Capitalism has an undeniable dark side... each of these 6 episodes tackles a conspiracy driven by greed. From the maple syrup industry to Big Pharma, this show brings light to the corruption that can pervade any business.  

Evil Genius (Netflix) 

Before watching this limited series, I had never heard of this infamous bank heist. The “pizza-bomber” crimes occurred in 2003, when I was only 5 years old. Controversies surround the details of the bizarre criminal plot, with debates over whether the pizza delivery man was a victim or an accomplice. 

The Keepers (Netflix) 

The Catholic Church has had to address a myriad of sexual abuse accusations involving ordained priests. This series focuses on a cover-up that ended in the murder of a nun in 1969. Former classmates and surviving victims share their stories and piece together the timeline of this cold case.  

Shane Dawson 

There’s a reason why he named the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson collab the Conspiracy Collection. Shane Dawson has been around on YouTube as a prominent content creator for more than a few years. His Conspiracy Theories and Creepy Videos playlist has 137 videos presenting the known information on conspiracies ranging from the most absurd to the most unsettling. His more recent videos have also covered scandals like Tanacon and interviews with controversial celebrities like Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, and Eugenia Cooney