Reviewing Fanfiction: To Be Redeemed by My2BrownEyes

This may seem odd, seeing a review for fanfiction since that's not really done. Why wouldn't I just review the tv show, movie, or book series that the Fanfiction is based on? I'll tell you why, because this is the best fanfiction that the world has ever been blessed with, and it almost puts the original art to shame.

To Be Redeemed is an Avengers fanfic starting right after the first Avengers movie. It was originally a Dom!Steve and Sub!Loki fanfic, which may turn a lot of people away. However, the story has divulged drastically; while Loki and Steve are still the main couple, the author has come to include Tony/Pepper, Jane/Sif, Bruce/Wolverine, and many MANY more. Just about every Marvel character you can think of (from the movies and comics) either has a love interest or is at least mentioned every once in a while.

I’m trying my best not to spoil it because I do believe that if you love the Avengers movies, that you would love this fanfic, but that means there’s only so much I can say about it. For one, this fanfic was only supposed to be one chapter. This amazes me because now it is 310 chapters, and it’s still being updated just about every week. It is over 2 million words long so far, let that sink in. And the best part about this fanfic is that it’s the most well-written fanfic I’ve ever seen. This isn’t purely a piece of fanfiction, this is a novel that deserves all of the accolades and respect of James Patterson or J.K. Rowling before the fandom divorced her.

It follows the love story of Captain America and Loki, with all of the ups and downs found in every relationship, and it more-or-less sticks to the timeline of the movies. To be fair, My2BrownEyes didn’t know they were going to make a Black Panther movie, so she decided to introduce him fairly early into the fic, but I think we can all forgive her because her portrayal of every character is just amazing, even if T’Challa isn’t quite what we’ve now seen on screen.

Now, this is also a Dom/Sub story, but it’s nothing like 50 Shades of Grey, thank god. To Be Redeemed is a pretty accurate portrayal of a BDSM relationship--or as accurate as it can be when one of the characters in the relationship is, well, Loki.

Overall, it’s a great story, full of interesting characters, plotlines, and jokes. The author does really well with connecting the characters we’ve seen in the movies to who they are in the comics, which is a great feat. I see it as the Marvel sitcom we’ve all wanted for so long, just in a story format instead of on-screen.

If you want to start reading this great fanfic (I started reading it over a year ago and I still haven’t caught up), then you can find it here. And hey, if you don’t like it, closing a tab is almost as easy as breathing. If this type of fanfic isn't quite your style, I recommend checking out because there are thousands of fanfics to be found there.