periwinkle manicure on short nails

Review of Color Street Nails

For those of you who keep your nails short, and never dabble in the art of painting them, this one is for you. Recently, I won a little competition over social media that got me a free set of Color Street Stick On Nails.

The nails come in various colors, patterns, lays, etc., so they really fit any mood or seasonal look you’re trying to go for. Anyways, once I got my package in the mail, I kept it sealed up because again, I don’t do my nails often. I saved the sets until I was back at school this past weekend, and had some help in the application process.

To be completely honest, these nails aren’t like typical press on nails you would by at a drug store. They are more like stickers and it’s kind of a one shot deal when applying them, so hopefully you have a friend near by to help out. At least that was how my experience went because I am super impatient, and if the first one didn’t stick on right, I would have stopped right there.

Luckily, I had some help, and after that the process went pretty smooth. The nails stick right on and look like genuine nail polish, but the better part about these is that they take longer to chip or fall off. When applying them, you have to find the one that fits each nail, and apply it. Once they are applied, sometimes the pieces rip off to the perfect length, or you have to file them down a little. Otherwise, it is a very simple process for a pretty desirable result.

Since it is only a few days into having them on, I am not sure how long they last, but from other people who wear them, I have heard up to 3 weeks of good use can come from them. Even after that amount of time they still look great, its just your nails have probably out grown them, and you’ll need to clip or file them down.

I don’t like to have my nails done because I swear I can feel the paint on my fingers. It makes them feel weird, but sometimes I like to express myself with a little pop of color. If you’re anything like me, I would highly recommend trying out Color Street Nails. They are reasonably priced, and come in all types of colors!