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Proper Ways To Have A Mental Breakdown In College

I’m sure many of us who are in college have experienced our share of “mental breakdowns.” These come on in many shapes and sizes but every time I feel my world is crashing down I always turn to some form of body modification. I have gotten my hair cut and box dyed more times than I can count, but those things cost money and I’m sure many of us are living on a budget. So without further ado, I am going to list out some proper ways to have a “mental breakdown” that are more money and self-care friendly.




Movie Day

If you’re lucky enough to have Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, or any other form of movie streaming site at your fingertips, then use them! Taking a break from all the pressures school or life has put on you and having a snack while watching your favorite movie may just bring you back down to Earth. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Talk it Out

No matter what you’re going through during this episode of mania and dysfunction in your life, I can guarantee there is someone close by feeling the same way. Talking about all your stresses and either relating them with someone else or having a friend there who is willing to listen is one of the best ways to get through this time. Sometimes the best way to overcome something is by talking it out and figuring out the best way to approach it.

Walk Away

This is one of my favorite approaches to having a breakdown. Everyone is allowed a minute of their day to just stop what they are doing and walk away from the problem. Although you may continue to think about it or stress, the problems aren’t staring you directly in the face for the time being. So take a moment, and a deep breath, put your shoes on and go for a walk or just stretch, take time for yourself and your mind.

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!

This one may be the costliest of them all if you don’t already have snacks on hand. If there is one thing that takes my mind off of all the negative in my life, it’s a sweet treat every now and again. Maybe even ordering a pizza (or 2) to ya know, help get my mind off things…

These are just some of the many ways one can cope with having a “mental breakdown” as we college students like to call it. So if you’re going through a rough time just know, we’ve all been there and it does get easier! You’ll be alright, even if it means binging a whole Netflix series and eating a few bags of popcorn along the way.


Junior at Susquehanna University Journalism/Photography President and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Susqu Class of 2022
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