Online Games That Everyone Should Play

It’s that time of year when everyone is looking for something to do. Whether it’s because they want to procrastinate instead of doing homework or because they suddenly have a lot of free time, finding a way to fill the sudden void in your life can be difficult. However, online games are an easy, and sometimes pretty quick, fix to this problem.

1. Shop Heroes

This is a game available on Steam and on mobile phones for free. You basically run a shop for heroes; they come in asking for weapons, armor, jewelry, and more. You have bins full of resources to help make these items, and then you can send the heroes on missions to collect special items/money. You can join a city or be the mayor of your own and upgrade different buildings to collect resources faster or be able to hire better workers. It’s a complex game that takes some getting used to, but it’s also highly addictive, with challenges every day and events every weekend.

2. Papa’s Games

I swear this isn’t something weird. I don’t remember what the company is, but the “Papa’s” games are basically you running some type of store where you make products for customers. They’re free to pay online, but the apps are anywhere from $1 to I think $2 depending on the game. There’s about a million different games, like Papa’s Pancakeria, Papa’s Scooperia (ice cream on cookies), and my personal favorite Papa’s Freezeria (milkshakes). People order whatever is sold plus different toppings. The money you get can go towards items for your little shop or upgrades for the machines that make the stuff. It’s a lot more fun than I’m making it sound, I promise. Some of the newer games also have mini-games built in where you can win items.

3. Pokemon GO

This one’s a little out there, but I’ve gotten back into it since they added the 3rd Gen. Pokemon (Turtwig is my buddy). It’s honestly a great way to waste time and get exercise in. I was once prepared to walk all the way across campus because I thought the shadow I was seeing was a slightly rare dragon thing that I can’t remember the name of. Either way, before I even got there it disappeared so I got all that exercise for nothing. This doesn’t sound like an endorsement anymore, but it is! Collecting Pokemon is super fun and easy, and battling in the Gyms has honestly gotten so much better than it was when the app first came out.

4. Honeycomb Hotel

I know I just told y’all to get this last week, but it’s a great logic game so I’m going to tell you again. It’s literally a logic game where you figure out where all of the objects and pathways go based on a select number of hints. There are three different sized puzzles/difficulties, and even the free version has a good number of puzzles to play. It’s a great way to pass the time, and it’s not an all-too-difficult game to learn. The same guy who made it has also made a lot of other games for the PC. You can find them on his website and download a free trial of all of them. There are some puzzles on that site that will literally take you hours to complete, even if you’re really good at logic puzzles.