New Movie Alert! To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Nothing screams cute, adorable, romantic teen movie like the new Netflix movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before that thousands of us are already raving about. The film was adapted from the Young Adult novel of the same name, written by Jenny Han that follows the life of a high school student named Lara Jean. In the film, Lara Jean is this quirky, innocent young lady who’s never been in a relationship. One day, five of her intimate love letters written to all the five boys she once loved somehow get mailed to them! Her feelings towards these guys have obviously changed throughout the years, so just imagine how she might’ve felt when they all try to confront her about it (so embarrassing!).

Without giving away too much, Lara Jean contractually agrees to pretend to be one of the boy’s girlfriend for his own personal reasons. Like any real relationship, these two go through trials and tribulations making it a bit confusing because they’re just pretending, right? If you haven’t already, you’ll just have to watch the full movie to see what happens in the end, and let me just say it’ll make your heart feel all gushing and weird.

If the movie description isn’t enough to push you to watch the film, here are at least three reasons thousands of us love this rom-com after having watched it already:


1. Lara Jean is super relatable.

At some point in our young adult lives, we were completely inexperienced with love. Luckily, high school was the place to put your feelings to the test and experience relationships, drama, and heart break just like Lara Jean does.


2. Peter Kavinsky is major eye candy.

He’s the untouchable hot guy that no one could stand a chance with. His looks and charm would have every girl or guy falling in love.


3. It will have you in your feelings.

Trust me, by the end of the movie you’ll want to fall in love too.