My Testimony

As a teenage girl, it can be difficult to understand who you truly are. Because of society’s unethical norms, people feel like they are defined by their possessions, talents, or who they surround themselves with. Many remain clueless as to what their purpose is in life. While I may have gone through the same mindset myself, the year of 2016 made me realize that there is more to life than having the most money or being the most popular kid at school. There is someone bigger; someone better.  Many people have heard of this extraordinary being; however, most are blind and cannot recognize his true importance. Out there is an incredible God who loves me unconditionally. There's a Lord who has intricately crafted me to be a one-of-a-kind individual. There's a savior who sacrificed his body so that I can have eternal life. Instead of focusing on the meaningless desires of the world, I have committed myself to being a servant of Christ.

Now, to clear things up, I have always been a Christian. Ever since I was a young girl, taking CCD classes at Saint Peter’s Church, I always remembered to pray and thank God for my blessings. While I understood that there was a God, it wasn’t until I was sixteen that I started to see how my relationship with Him changes my perspective on life. My mindset, priorities, and how I handle certain situations have all been transformed so that I do everything with the intent to please God. My savior, and Lord of my life, has a perfect will for me. There will be obstacles, there will be failures, but God will never give me more than I can handle. Believing that the Messiah will help me through all the rough patches of life allows me to rejoice and be hopeful no matter the circumstance.  

Even though I have the utmost gratitude for everything that God has provided me with, I too have gone through some hard times throughout my adolescence. I have felt lonely, hopeless, and not good enough. In these moments, it felt like I could never get myself out of the rut that I was in. It was true. I alone was not, and will never be, capable of picking myself up. I needed to surrender my soul to the only person who could effortlessly pull me out of the mental fog I was trapped in. That person was Jesus Christ. It is eye-opening to reflect on how I have changed after going through these hardships. Not only have these obstacles strengthened my faith, but they have taught me to persevere, remain positive, and remember that God is always with me.

I believe that God’s sacrifice of his son has given me everlasting life spent with the Lord of all creation; however, the belief itself won’t allow me to be saved unless I follow up with actions. Doing the works that God intends for me to do can be difficult because I get in my own way. My sinful nature is telling me I can do good alone, but in reality, good character will come when I just let Jesus work through me. The more I can give up my entirety to Christ, the more I will become the person God wants me to be. This spiritual battle is one that I will be fighting for the rest of my time on Earth. While being a servant of Christ may not be easy, and I will continue to mess up, I can become more aware of my wrongdoings and have an attitude of repentance. This epiphany made me aware of my purpose in life. I have given up my soul to the one who is in control of it all. Now it’s your turn...