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Throughout the years, my family has created Christmas traditions that will last forever. In this article, I am going to let you in on some of those fun traditions that will be happening in the next 3 weeks!

Baking Cookies

Every year since I can remember, my mother and I have baked cookies a few days before Christmas. We bake chocolate chip, peanut butter, and shaped sugar cookies. They are all homemade and probably my favorite dessert throughout the holiday season!

Tree Decorating

My family and I get a real tree every year. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this tradition is the one that will never die. We go to the same tree farm every year, pick out the biggest tree we can find (within a reasonable height), and chop it down. This year we picked the biggest tree we have ever had. We took it home, put it in the usual corner next to the fireplace, and spent the night decorating! My mother and I’s two favorite ornaments always go on the top and Christmas music is always on in the background!

The Pickle

One day, around Christmas time, my mom came home with a pickle ornament. For anyone that has never heard of the pickle, it is an ornament that gets hidden in the tree on Christmas Eve. Once everyone is awake, the person that finds the pickle gets a special gift and bragging rights. Christmas morning in my house is intense until the pickle is found!  

White Elephant

This tradition started a few years back. My family and I will find things around the house that we “re-gift” to each other. Everyone sits in a circle in the family room, we pick numbers out of a hat, and then you have to pass the number you picked to the person to the left of you. This keeps the selection completely random. Once the first person picks their gift, the next person can either pick their own or steal the other person’s gift. To make it fair, at the end of the game, the first person gets to keep the gift they end up with, or go again. This tradition is one of my favorites because it is surprising to see what everyone brings as their gift.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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