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My Experience at Passport to Panhellenic

My Experience at Passport to Panhellenic

This past Thursday I went to the Passport to Panhellenic. The experience was nothing like I could have imagined, and I learned a lot more about the sororities on campus by going. In my article I’m going to talk about before Passport, what passport was, and my final thoughts.

            To sign up for passport all you had to do was go to the information desk in Deg. Once there you would sign a paper and later get an email confirming that you are going to passport and it also told you some clothing options of what to wear. When the day came, and I had about an hour until I had to meet at Seibert for passport, I was freaking out. I wanted to put my best foot forward, so I did my hair, put a little makeup on, and then tried to figure out an outfit (which took much longer than I’d like to admit.). I was nervous because I felt like I would mess up some information or tell them something they definitely didn’t want to hear. I was also nervous because I’m a sophomore and I feel like first-years are usually the ones to sign up for passport.

            Once I got to Seibert I saw so many girls lined up. We stood in a line to give our names and then we got placed into five different groups. I was relieved to see people I knew in the group, so I didn’t feel so alone on this journey. For passport, we visited each sorority house on campus. My group started with Zeta Tau Alfa and ended with Kappa Delta. When we went into each house we were greeted with each sororities chant and then promptly lead into a room by a member. When we were in these rooms the sisters asked us about ourselves like what our major was, our activities on campus, and where we’re from to name a few. It was pretty ironic because I knew almost every girl I got to talk to from a class or from the dorms. We had twenty minutes in each house and after the first two houses we were all pretty much pros. The sisters told me about their different philanthropies, a little about what their sorority did for the community, and why they chose Greek life. Let me tell you something, Susquehanna’s Greek community is like no other. These girls bust their butts with all the work they do. I never really realized how hard they work until I went to passport and got to talk to them.

            So, now that it’s done I want to give my final thoughts. Passport is a really nice tool for those who are undecided about Greek life. Passport doesn’t have any commitment and you get to talk to the sororities without feeling pressured that they’re judging you for recruitment. There are a few details I think I’d change (like it being earlier in the year so it’s not freezing) to make it go a little better, but it’s something I haven’t seen at other schools really. I’d say if you’re even thinking about Susquehanna Greek life you should go and experience passport. It’ll help you see if you’d be fit for Greek life and give you a ranking on your favorite sororities. (Your ranking will probably change a little after passport.) I hope you found this helpful and consider going next year!

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