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Not everyone can say that they have a best friend that will drop everything for them. Someone who has been there since day one and who will be there until the end of time. No matter what mistakes I’ve made, this person has always been there for me and I am so grateful for my relationship with them.

My father is one of the most important people in my life. Ever since I was little I was considered a “daddy’s girl,” and that statement holds true to this day. Anytime he needs to run and do errands I tag along and if I want to go for a drive or just chill out at home he’s willing to join.

One of the best things about having a dad like I do is the way he raised me. He taught me to not take anything from anybody and to always be myself. I take a lot of the lessons I’ve learned from him with me in my daily life. It’s made me a very strong-willed and independent person. There’s absolutely no way I would be doing as well as I am without him.

We have a shared love for sports, movies, food, and tons of other things that have built up our relationship over the years. We pick on each other almost every day, We’ve made this a public venture and we both find it hilarious. I love being able to mock and annoy my dad, and no matter how much he says he doesn’t enjoy it, I know for a fact he does because he always has a rebuttal.

Lucky for me, this love that he has shown me has gotten me to be the best version of myself. He is my best friend, role model, and definitely the best dad anyone could ask for! I am so glad that the world works the way it does and that my family turned out the way it is. I am grateful every day for the experiences and love that I have received not only from my dad but my family as a whole.

Not that you need to hear it (because you should already know) but you are an amazing father and I am proud to be your daughter. Love you Dad!

Junior at Susquehanna University Journalism/Photography President and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Susqu Class of 2022
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