The Most Supportive Fictional Female Friendships

When we read about healthy and loving female friendships in books, it makes us more open to those relationships in real life. Over the years, the trials and escapades of Helena and Hermia, the March sisters, and Anne and Diana have taught me that female friendships are powerful as well as special. Girls are bonded by more than our likes and dislikes, but by a sisterhood of loyalty. These friendships not only withstand the hardships of their books, but are now forever examples of what modern relationships aspire to be.

Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger appear like opposites at first, but the two girls are both loyal Gryffindors. Ginny is sporty, impulsive, and tomboyish. Hermione is bookish, analytical, and logical. Despite these differences, the two care deeply for their friends and are both whip-smart. They always team up when it’s time to duel dark wizards. It’s worth reading the Harry Potter series just to know about this badass female friendship!

Jane and Elizabeth Bennet deserve an award for being the best part of Pride and Prejudice. Amidst jealous husband-hunting in their family, these two sisters never abandon their love for each other. They trust and value each other’s opinions. Even though Elizabeth is clearly more practical and clear-headed than her sister, Elizabeth loves how different Jane is from her. She values Jane for her kindness and empathy, and Jane values her sister in turn. This is the perfect example of friends loving what sets each other apart. Elizabeth refused to be happily married unless her sister was equally as happy.

A final shout out goes to Manon and Asterin from the Throne of Glass series. This book series features tons of supportive and loving female friendships, but Manon and Asterin have a special bond. The two always look after each other, even at the expense of their individual safety. They would do anything for the other person. For example, there's the unforgettable moment when Manon goes against her own grandmother for the sake of her friend. Their relationship feels familial and sisterly more than anything else. This beautiful relationship makes the series stand out from other young adult books.

What are some of your favorite female friendships in literature?