Money Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

Saving money while on campus is hard enough as it is, but saving up enough to spend on friends and family for the holidays is tougher. I have learned to only spend when I absolutely need too, this excludes the times I absolutely needed Domino's at midnight. In all seriousness, saving up is difficult while getting an education, so here are some tips on how to save and spend on the holidays.

On-Campus Jobs

One of the best things to do if you’re able is to get a job on campus. This will help you earn a few extra bucks throughout your time at school so that when the holidays come around you have something to fall back on. Also, having a steady income while in school keeps your spending habits in check and helps with purchasing day-to-day items.

Change Jar

Yes, I am most certainly talking about keeping a piggy bank in your dorm room. I have one and every time I use cash, the change I accumulate goes right into my bank. After a while, it will fill up and you can use this for gas money or any extra essential items. Try to only use this money for emergencies though, it will definitely come in handy. It’s like they say, “Every penny counts!”

Gifts from the Heart

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that parents, grandparents, and other guardians love homemade gifts no matter what age you are. If you’re looking to make crafts or just print some photos for your loved ones, this will only cost a few dollars and will mean more than something expensive that you found online. Your family will love it and you will be saving money!

Shop for Deals

Coupons, percentages off, and buy one get one offers are like music to college students' ears. Anytime you’re out shopping, whether it be for yourself or others, be sure to find the best deals you can. Nothing screams money-saving like 50% that sweater you’ve just got to have or the buy one get one free toothpaste at Walmart.


Putting aside money for specific things is always a smart route to take. Set a $20 aside here, and maybe $10 there for food and gas. Other money that you receive can go toward shopping for the holidays or going out on the weekends.

While most things we do revolve around money, the holidays are something that tend to be costly. These tips, however, may help my fellow college students save up and spend wisely. Always have enough money in your account for an emergency and some cash in your wallet for the same reason. Otherwise, enjoy shopping this holiday season and don’t forget to look for bargains!