Market Day Festival

On Saturday, September 29th, 2019 I went to the Market Street Festival in Selinsgrove, PA. The festival was amazing. The weather was fantastic, the aroma was charming, and the community was just a beautiful sight. A plethora of different people were both working and visiting. All in all, it was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

There was a little bit of everything, which is surprising considering how small the area of Township in Snyder County is. There was shopping galore: soaps and bath bombs, clothing of various properties, CBD oils, dog treats, food, and so much more. There were politic stands and areas for donations too. One I particularly liked the cause of was the animal hospital’s fund for strays so they can get looked at too. And the food was so freaking delicious. I, honest to God, had the best kabobs I have ever tasted and some pretty great FRESHLY SQUEEZED lemonade. You don’t get that type of stuff where I come from. That’s not even mentioning the petting zoo that consisted of zebus, sheep, goats both big and small, alpacas, a turtle, a snake, and a Monitor lizard.

The energy was the part that drew me in most. Everyone was so happy and cheerful that a smile automatically came to your face. I was in such a good mood that I didn’t let the heat or the pain in my back get in my way. I even paid for this child to play a game because I saw a single mother of two struggling to find her money. Thinking about it now, I just fed into the energy because that mom probably enjoyed her day that much more. Isn’t that the greatest part of being a human, the ability to be happy and content just because someone else is?

Always try to take part in the community around you. Whether it’s a festival or just a walk around town, get involved. Observe your surroundings because there is beauty everywhere. And the small things are everything. The way the breeze feels, the sound of laughter, the smell of nature, all of it has a beauty. If you take in the little things as the amazing miracles they are, life gets just a tad bit better. Feed the energy so that it can consume you too.