Little Things That Make Me Happy During Quarantine

I know it's hard to be in quarantine. We all have missed out on something. But, try and focus on the positives. I know that when I'm bored I want to be doing things, not just sitting there. I try and look for things that can make me happier. Here are some things that make me happy during these hard times.

  1. 1. Looking up at the stars

    I love going outside at night and seeing all the stars. I also love catching fireflies. It's a fun thing to do to get some fresh air when you feel trapped inside.

  2. 2. Working out

    I know that when I work out it makes me happier. It makes me feel good about myself. It also gives me a feeling of accomplishment!

  3. 3. Trying out new makeup 

    I like to try out new styles of makeup. I usually wear natural makeup, but recently I've been trying out new styles just for fun. Even though I don't have anywhere to go, I still like looking in the mirror and seeing what I can do with makeup. 

  4. 4. Spending time with my pets

    I have three cats and a dog. Seeing my pets instantly brightens my day. I love getting to snuggle with my pets as I watch TV. They let me know that I'm loved, and a huge part of their everyday life. I know that they love having my whole family constantly in the house with them, so I want to make sure I don't waste any of that time.

  5. 5. Finding new music

    I love the feeling of finding a new song to listen to. My sister and I are constantly sending each other songs that we think the other one will like. The feeling of getting obsessed with a new song brightens my day. 

  6. 6. Painting my nails

    When I entered quarantine, I still had my nail extensions on. However, they came off a little while ago and since then I've been trying out new ways to make my nails look nice. I'm constantly changing the color and trying designs I've found online. :)

I know that during times like these it's hard to find something that makes you happy. I hope that you now have some ideas of things you can do to help improve your mental health. 

Happy quarantine!