Little Things in Life

Note: As I write this article, I reflect on the things that inspire me to keep going. But more importantly, this article is just a reminder to take care and do things at your own pace. And look for the little things because we are always forgetting them. Therefore, it should be read with a super calming ASMR voice. I suggest playing some calming music in the background. I have no suggestions for what you should listen to because that choice should be up to you.

It really is the little things that make a difference. When we are trying to reach the endpoint of a goal, we complete it through tiny stepping stones. It is not the big achievements we are fighting for. At the end of the day, it is the little steps that mean much more.

Whenever I am working on something, I think of it in pieces. If I look at the whole picture, I might feel overwhelmed. A puzzle is meant to be finished eventually; it is something you take your time on. When I think of puzzles, I think of a community of people. I think of the puzzles I saw each year at camp where campers gathered around every day, trying to help each other finish it. I think of the puzzles I see at the public library I work at that anyone can solve, and each day, there is another piece that has found its place. I think of the puzzle I made as a promposal for a friend because she filled in a missing piece of me that I did not realize I never had. Puzzles are like life because when you find the right piece, there is an elation you feel from the accomplishments. I enjoy doing things little by little until I am done. Of course, there is another piece that we might not expect sometimes, but it still has a place in our lives somehow. Additionally, I am reminded that I am not alone. It is fun to work on it with others.

I find the inspiration to keep doing my work through little things. For instance, I listen to Disney music in the background because there is an upbeat tone to the music. I think about all the fun times I had as a child with these songs, pretending my room was a concert hall with my bed being the stage. Dancing might not be more than a shimmy to the left and a shimmy to the right with a lot of jumping, but it raises my mood. It is a reminder that I may not always be perfect at something, but it should never stop me from having fun. Life is an experience, and if I have the chance, why not make the most out of it?

My surroundings are an inspiration. It may not seem much, but a lot has inspired some of the things I have written. Some bring me down to earth whenever my head floats in the clouds. I look into elemental aspects of the world because the little sounds or just the feeling of the environment brings some memories. The silent drops of water from the sink when the house is quiet. It's a little pitter-patter that calms your heart the way the rain does on a better day. The wind that howls may sound like a child’s cry, but it could sound like the whistle my parents gave me to play with as a child. Eventually, the whistle broke, but the sound is buried in my memories. The sun is like the next hug I will receive. And when I get the chance to, I hope to remember what the babble of a creek feels like when I am surrounded by the people who have become like family.

At the moment, my mind is constantly wandering from thought to thought. I think about the little nest the bird was building on the pillar next to my front door. The poor thing was frightened and would knock over the nest if it ever saw me or another family member passing by. But it kept going. The next day, I saw the bird up there, attempting to do it again. It was frustrating, seeing piles of grass on the surface enlarging little by little each day. Then, one day, I saw a mostly completed home. It was making progress when I was not looking. However, eventually, it was knocked over. But once again, it came again to rebuild. I watched from a distance in awe. A bird, who was scared, never gave up. Now, I never know why the house was knocked down so much. It could have been many things because once we knew about its home, we tried our best to not disturb it. I often have the suspicion that some other bird is playing a prank. But I saw so much progress since day one with this bird. Now, it is gone, but I know that it tried its best before it did what was best for it.

When I take a step back, I am able to reflect on the things I never looked at when I was running from place to place. It teaches me the things I keep forgetting. It teaches me to slow down for a moment and breathe. I hope that even in rough times, you can always celebrate yourself. Best of wishes to you. Your inspiration has always been with you.