Life of an Aspiring Drag Queen

In my life, I have met many people with a multitude of aspirations and goals. In turn, they filled me with inspiration and reminded me that anything is possible if you work hard and never give up.

One of the people that brought so much positive influence in my life is my friend. My best friend is an aspiring drag queen also known as Alyssa Varanachi. For the past few years (and ever since I met him in fourth grade at the spider web on the playground), I have been able to watch him grow into the person he is today: strong, confident, and true to himself.

I wanted to take a deeper look into his perspective as a drag queen, learning who or what made him the person he is today. So, after months of planning, we created an interview:

1. What inspired you to want to become a drag queen? 

I started drag because it was truly the first passion the stuck with me. When I heard of drag, I really started researching it. I realized that I found my purpose. At the time, I was already getting obsessed with makeup and fashion which are two things that fall under the big drag umbrella. So, taking my high-fashion taste and crazy glam makeup obsession, I decided to bring the two worlds together and turn it into drag. This brought Alyssa to life. My drag persona, Alyssa Varanachi, was long created in my head before even hearing about drag. Learning about drag was what truly brought the thoughts to life.

2. Can you explain more about Alyssa, your drag persona?

Alyssa is an overly feminine high fashion glamazon. She is confident, sexy, and the hand for the underdog. Kind of like a Barbie, but instead of the stereotypical Barbie, she is the fashionista Barbie that came out in like 2017. Her overall goal is to promote love and support for others and to look good while doing it.

3. What is your reaction to the commentary people give you about being a drag queen?

My reaction really depends on what they say. If it is positive, I appreciate their support. If it is negative, the comment is erased from my head. I enjoy what I do, and I do it for many reasons, so I will not let the people who have nothing good to say affect what I do. I also like to take feedback from others to allow me to grow as a person. So, if it is constructive criticism, I’ll listen and grow. If it is not, like I said, it is ignored.

When people think I’m trans, it does not affect me. I know who I am a person. In fact, I try to educate them due to the stigma in the drag world and trans world. I do not want to take away from the trans community by being a drag queen, and I do not want people to spread wrong information. As a person, in general, I am overly feminine, and I don’t think me doing drag is what makes people think I’m trans. I think it is more of my over-feminine qualities that confuses them, and like I said earlier, I educate them. I allow them to know that I am not trans. I’m just a boy living his life the way he wants to.

4. Where can you see yourself going in the future with becoming a drag queen?

Well, honestly, my main goal as a drag queen is to spread more positivity in the LGBT+ community and outside of the LGBT+ community. I plan to document my journey on YouTube and maybe audition for RuPauls Drag Race. My future as a drag queen is to be as authentic and happy as I can be.

5. What advice would you give to aspiring drag queens like you?

My advice for aspiring drag queens is don’t be afraid! I mean this in all forms. Don’t be afraid to perform and mess up. Don’t be afraid to try crazy makeup tips because they might actually work. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wigs or fashion. Don’t be afraid to let your drag be your drag. This is art so create the art you like, not what others like.

My next piece of advice is to never stop learning. Even if you think you know everything, you don’t. So, keep an open mind to everything. Most importantly never give up on your goals!