Kellyn Simpkin-Girl Holding Money

It's Expensive to be A Woman

Being a girl is so expensive, and boys just don't seem to understand that. It’s really not our fault; we just have certain things that we need to buy that tend to be more expensive than it is for males. The pink tax (gender-based price discrimination) is unjust and should be stopped. 

Everyone teases girls for spending too much money on clothes but our clothes cost more. In fact, to buy a women's plain white t-shirt, it’s going to cost 150% more than it would for a guy's white t-shirt. Stores raise the price despite the fact that it is the exact same product. This is the effect of the pink tax.

Another thing that is affected by pink tax is feminine products There's a 9% sales tax for any feminine products. These are necessities for people who menstruate. We can't live without them, so putting a 9% sales tax on it is clearly discrimination. Not to mention the fact that we are already being overcharged for hair products. A guy can get a haircut for $20, but a woman can't get a haircut for anything less than $60 and that's below average. But, it is not just how much it costs to get a haircut. Even buying shampoo is more expensive for females. 

The pink tax is real. We can't help but spend more money. Girls' products just cost more than males'. So, the next time you're thinking about making fun of a girl for spending too much money, realize that there are a lot of contributing factors that go into us spending our money. We aren’t just princesses, we’re buying necessities.