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What am I doing with my life this month??

Well, you came to the right place.


It’s April, and you know what that means. We just got past April Fool’s Day, and we still have all of the Easter-related observances and Earth Day left.

But for me, it means the last full month of classes, as well as our Greek Week, which starts this weekend and goes through next week. I’m excited because my sisters and I have been working on an amazing routine for our airband performance, and we will have a chance to pull off a win in tug-of-war as well as to give back in a campus-wide Greek service event.

Along with surviving to the end of Greek week, I am doing a few other things this month to better myself as a person and as a student.

I am starting my end of semester planning, in regards to studying for finals, essays, and what I plan to do with myself over summer break.

Yesterday, I set aside an hour to plan and wrote down some due dates and events on my desk calendar and personal planner. Today, I am going to finish that task.

I am part Susquehanna’s Paranormal Club, which investigates the supernatural, and plans a big haunted house event around Halloween time each year. We had the club creator, who is now an alum, sit in on our meeting, and she shared her own spooky stories of the times when she was in the club. So, needless to say, I see a “my residence building is haunted” article coming very soon based on what she told us.

I mentioned two articles ago that I basically signed myself up for my very own makeup challenge, and here we are, two days in, and I’m already wanting to give up. So, here’s a little sneak peek into what you’re going to get at the end of the month.

I woke up way earlier than needed Monday to do my whole makeup routine, and then stayed in bed for another hour until I had to leave for class. Which is surprising because my face looked hella rough yesterday.

Then today, I woke up with an hour to run around, get ready, finish writing a discussion reply for a class, and repack my bag (which I had accidentally packed backwards, if that makes any sense).

But all in all, I have survived the first two days. See you with the final results in 4 weeks!

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