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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.

Over a year ago when I first joined tik tok, I didn’t actually expect to enjoy it. I thought the app was only for weird dances and cringey POV videos. However, I got back into it about a month ago (I know, great timing), and within two days I had somehow positioned myself in a very particular group of videos and creators. I thought I would share my accidental process with you.

Amelia Kramer-Slay Light Writing
Amelia Kramer / Her Campus

So, the first thing is to think about what types of videos you want to see. If you want to learn all the crazy dances or are fascinated by lip syncing and singing videos, it won’t be too hard to find those. There are probably a higher percentage of videos like that, than there are any kind of video on the app.You also might want to find your way to the bisexual pirate side of TikTok. Yes, it exists, and it’s glorious.

Really, the most important thing is to like videos that represent what you want to see more of. If you continuously like dance videos, your “For You Page” will be overrun with those videos. It’s also important to look at the tags of the videos. This can help you find similar videos, but it also adds to the algorithm to find similar videos for you. Following creators is also a way to tailor what videos you find. The types of videos they create will show up more on your FYP.

Another important aspect that has to do with tags is the search feature. Have I searched #guyswithtattoos more than once? Yes. Do I now see more videos that show guys with tattoos? Yes.

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bruce mars for Pexels

The TikTok algorithm is really easy to tailor to your own personal preference, but be careful. Once you fall into a rabbit hole of a certain kind of video, it can be very difficult to climb back out into a different genre. Searching for different specific things can help with this, but an even more useful way to sort of reset your FYP is to wait for an update. When TikTok updates its servers, it sometimes resets the algorithm, and so you can be introduced to different creators and different kinds of videos. I hope these tips help!

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