Halloween Costume Ideas: Covid-19 Edition

1. Cowgirl

Whether you’re going as a space cowgirl or a traditional one, a bandana is a unique way to incorporate a mask into your costume. If you plan to go as a space cowgirl, you should opt for cooler colors such as pink, purple or blue, and if you plan to go as a traditional cowgirl, opt for warmer colors such as red, orange, or yellow.

2. Cher from Clueless

A plaid yellow mask is a great way to compliment Cher’s iconic outfit! Many are available from small businesses on Etsy.

3. Hogwarts Wizard

Paired with a robe and a corresponding uniform matching your house colors, your mask is another great way to represent your Hogwarts house. You can also wear glasses and use a wand to accessorize!

4. Ninja

Most ninja costumes already have masks incorporated into them, so finding a plain black or red mask should be no problem. Some costumes may already come with a mask, so you might not need to separately find one.

5. Mermaid

A sequined or shimmery mask is a perfect match if you plan on going as a mermaid. As previously mentioned, there are also plenty available on Etsy.

6. Health Care Worker

Any disposable or cloth mask will work for this costume! However, make sure not to purchase any N-95 masks since those should be saved for front line workers.

7. Minnie Mouse

A red mask with white polka dots is a perfect addition to any Minnie mouse costume! You could also find a face mask to match your Disney ears, too.

8. Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a classic villain from Alice in Wonderland. There are plenty of options to match your costume, such as a red or black lace face mask. You could even DIY your own!