But First, Thanksgiving

Halloween is over and it's time to start celebrating the next holiday. Now, if you're like me, this means it's Thanksgiving season, but some people seem to think it's officially Christmas time. I'm writing today to tell those people that they are wrong. Now, I'm not a Christmas hater, I love Christmas! It's a fun and festive time filled with love and cheer, but first we need to eat some turkey and be thankful. Some say that Thanksgiving is overrated, and their opinion is valid, but that doesn't mean we should just skip it all together.

Growing up, I loved Christmas music. As soon as the radios had it playing, I did too. My father, on the other hand, was not a fan of that philosophy. He quickly implemented a rule: no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. As a kid, this infuriated me to no end, but as I got older it started to make more sense. Now, don't tell my dad this because he'll never let me live it down, but he was right. I've come to appreciate his rule. While celebrating Christmas early may be fun, it skips over an entire holiday! I'm not saying this to be a scrooge, but I think waiting to start your Christmas celebrations until after Thanksgiving dinner just makes the most sense. By waiting, you make Christmas a little more special. It's something that you have to wait for, but the wait is definitely worth it. So, before you start blasting the Mariah Carey, go and eat some good food, sit around with your loved ones, and be grateful for everything you have and all that's to come.