As Fate Would Have It

Some people don’t believe in fate, others base their entire lives off of it. I, for one, can’t imagine what life would be like if fate hadn’t taken over around 20 years ago. With Valentine’s Day celebrations happening, there is one story and couple I would like to celebrate.

My parents met outside a store while my dad was working there and my mom was applying. At the time, my mom was in a relationship, so she wasn’t interested in the man who had passed her by and quickly turned around to say hello. The whole love at first sight thing, which I always thought was a myth, reigns true for them: not too long after that first sighting, they were dating.

After meeting each other’s respective parents, there wasn’t much left to do other than start their lives together. My dad proposed to my mom on the night of her 19th birthday, which is so crazy to think about because I’m 19 now! So yeah, now you’re probably thinking you and your mom are almost 20 years apart, right? Right.

On Christmas Day of 1999, my parents announced their special surprise, ME, to some of our family. This was a crazy thought for my grandparents and my mom was especially scared to share her news. However, my parents married each other in May of 2000 and then in August their best decision ever (sorry I like to hype myself up) came along.

With my dad working nights and my mom staying home with me, their love story never fails to amaze me. In any relationship, the first year or so truly shows commitment and how much a relationship can take. I will not say that we as a family haven’t hit bumps in the road, but that’s what makes love even more fun and strong. I would be absolutely terrified if all of this happened to me over the span of time it did them. They have both told me though, that if it isn’t scary, then you’re probably not doing it right. 20 years later, I am grateful to have my mom and dad still in love and loving me and my brother every second of every day.

I still don’t know where I stand on fate and love at first sight, but if I have doubts about it I will always look back on these two. They both raised me to believe in myself and keep a steady head on my shoulders. With this lesson in mind, a mom who steers me in the right direction even if I don’t notice, and a dad who will scare off all the bad guys that come into my life, I think I will be able to have a successful love story someday like them.

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom and Dad, love each other until the stars stop shining.