Fall Fest 2018

Everyone knows that two of my favorite things are Fall and supporting Greek organizations on campus. This past weekend I took the time to support Sigma Kappa and Phi Mu Delta for their annual Fall Fest event. 

Fall Fest is an event that is held at the Sigma Kappa house. It includes a petting zoo where you can feed the animals, an escape room, face painting, food, pumpkin painting, two places to take photos, and more! 

This year I made sure to recruit some of my friends to come with me because I knew I would have more fun if I didn’t go alone. I had so much fun letting one of my favorite seniors paint a gingko leaf on my face because last year when I went to this event for the first time, I let her turn my eye into a pumpkin.

I also got a chance to feed the animals at the petting zoo, and I could not believe how much fun it was. I was a little jumpy because the goats were coming at me kind of aggressively, but I was laughing so hard when the one goat jumped up and had its two front hooves on my left leg. At that point I don’t think I had any food let. I went to take a step back and the goat followed me for a few steps with its legs still on me.

I also let myself have fun playing bean bag toss and badminton. My sister and her friends were laughing at how bad I was at badminton. I did not mind that she was laughing at me because I was having a ton of fun trying to spend time with friends.

Not to mention that I got some really cute photos with my friends that I can cherish for a very long time. Turns out my Fall Fest photos were the most liked photos on my Instagram profile! 

It was an amazing event and I know it is something that I will make sure to attend for the next two years!