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The Face Behind the Brock Turner Rape Case

On Wednesday, September 4, Chanel Miller revealed the cover of her first book, Know My Name. This may seem insignificant as authors reveal covers all the time, but Chanel’s cover means so much more than just a new book. Even her name is news in itself.

Chanel Miller was formerly known as Emily Doe, the victim and survivor of the Brock Turner rape case in 2015. The cover reveal of her book was the first day Chanel allowed her identity to be revealed to the public. The “Brock Turner Case” as it is known to many, predates the explosion of the #MeToo movement, but Chanel’s role in the movement hasn’t been silent.

Following Turner’s sentencing in March 2016, Chanel read a victim impact statement to the court that went viral via Buzzfeed three months later. This powerful, heart-wrenching statement has been cited time and time again to show the mistreatment of assault survivors in the US. It has even been read before Congress to be entered into the national record. This case was one of the main factors leading to the California law for minimum sentence requirements in sexual assault cases.

The cover of Miller’s memoir, Know My Name is rich with symbolism. The background is designed to mimic the Japanese art of kintsugi or “golden repair” in which broken pieces are mended together with gold to create something new. Miller’s editor calls this the most important book she’s ever published.

For years we’ve known the basics of the case and been outraged by its outcome, but now we know the identity of the brave woman whose powerful words have sparked conversation and created change. Certainly, there is more to Miller’s story than what can be found in her 12-page statement and that will be available in its entirety when her book hits shelves September 24th. The book will release with a special preview, featuring her reading her victim impact statement on 60 Minutes September 22nd.

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