A Dancer’s World: Passion at Its Finest

Dance has always been a passion of mine. As a little girl, my mother would pull my hair in a super tight bun, help me into my pink tights and leotard, and lug my dance bag to my classes. I would stay at the studio for hours on end, practicing and perfecting my technique but thinking nothing of it because I love to dance. I remember having position quizzes in ballet and taking master classes to learn from some of the best teachers in the game.

    Dance was a way for me to express myself since I was extremely introverted child. I can remember my first dance class. It was on a Monday, and it was hip hop. The teacher had the students form a freestyle circle, and then she called on me. I froze, and she called my name again, so I jumped in the middle and just started moving to the beat. Immediately the class started cheering, and my teacher moved me up to the next level because she believed in me.

Ever since that moment, dance has given me the confidence and transparency to communicate through movement. Dance is so expressive, and it conveys so many emotions that might be difficult to say with words. My passion for dance resulted from the need to express myself with movement instead of words. I had to put dance down for a while, and while I played a lot of other sports, nothing quite satisfied me like dance did. When I found out there was a Dance Corps at SU, I immediately jumped at the chance because I knew that I would get to indulge in my passion once more, and I would not trade that for the world.