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Congrats to All- Susquehanna University Spring Break 2017!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Susqu chapter.


This past week was Susquehanna University’s Spring Break for the 2016-2017 Academic school year. I would first like to congratulate all college students for getting through midterm week! You guys worked hard and deserve this break for sure. Now, I know college spring breaks are usually filled with beaches, sun, and a ton of parties. However, this week, I took this time to take the three hour trip back home to be with my family for the time being. I have made new friends back here at home, as well as visited old friends. I will not deny that this break was also full of eating, sleeping, and Netflix. However, it was well deserved. We have all spent the week before cramming for midterms. In my case, my second semester midterm week was much more stressful than the first semester. My classes have a bit more of a workload, so it took a lot of effort. So with the number of times that I have went to sleep at 4 am each night (or well, technically morning) the week before, I definitely don’t feel guilty about sleeping in this week. I took time to also get my mind right and prepared for what the rest of this academic year has to offer! Also, I am concerned about the fact that it has snowed a few times during this so-called “Spring Break”. I do live in New Jersey, where it can be 70 degrees and sunny on Monday,50 degrees and raining on Tuesday, and 20 degrees and snowing on Thursday. But I mean, Pennsylvania is always cold. I was hoping for a little bit of warmth this week. However, this week was wonderful regardless. I realized how much I missed my family, and how much I needed to take a break and catch up on sleep! The hardest part about going back to school, besides returning to a regular, everyday schedule, is deciding on whether or not to bring my summer clothes back with me. It’s the middle of March and there’s snow on my front lawn; who knows what could happen!

To all college students, especially those at Susquehanna, I hope everyone enjoyed their spring break, return back to campus safely, and are ready to come back and finish this academic year! May it bring nothing but positive things and experiences. 

I am Brooke Adams-Porter, a communications student at Susquehanna University. Just an old soul finding herself in this new world.