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Chris Coleman:The Revamp

Christian Coleman is a second-year student at Susquehanna. He is a Business Marketing student from Bronx, New York. We got to speak with Christian about his experiences at SU and what he is currently involved. He is one of the new leaders of SU fashion club, on top of that he is an active member of the Black Student Union and an upcoming musician. 



HC: How has your time at SU been so far?

CC: Pretty good. Everything has its ups and downs. But I apprentice the good and bad. With every experience I learn to appreciate it as time goes on, that’s why I appreciate everything that has happened at SU.

HC: What have you been involved in at SU?

CC: First thing I did freshman year was join the swim team. It was a good experience while I was there. I met a lot of cool people but I knew those guys were more dedicated to the sport than I was, so I stopped swimming. Then joined the Black Student Union. I recently went to Leadershape, which is a six day leadership-building program up in the poconos. That was a great and unique experience.

HC: What is something new or different you’re doing for the 2017 Spring semester?  

CC: I am starting a Fashion Club at SU. There was a fashion club in the past but this time we are going to take a completely different approach.

During the interview with Christian he spoke about his pass experiences with the previous fashion club and his goal to revamp the club for next semester. Susquehanna University’s new Fashion Club will have a complete different approach. Christian plans to have a few goals in mind: all the members will be more hands on, engaged, and learn from each other. In Addition to these goals, he would like to infuse new techniques to the club which includes fashion designs, styles, and the business aspect of fashion. He hopes to start a blog and even have speakers from local businesses come in. You never know they could even host their own fashion show. Be on the lookout for the relaunch of SU’s Fashions Club.   

I am Brooke Adams-Porter, a communications student at Susquehanna University. Just an old soul finding herself in this new world.
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